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Professional Lime Plastering & Repair Service.

 Older buildings invariably require a little TLC. It is important that a sympathetic approach is used when planning any repairs on older buildings and an understanding of tradition materials and techniques is essential when carrying out any remedial work. Using this approach we have gained a wealth of experience in the restoration and general up keep of older buildings in Devon and the South West of England. 

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About us


We are based in the north of the beautiful English county of Devon. 

We offer a personal and friendly service and pride ourselves on providing a high standard of work whilst building a good working relationship with all of our clients. We understand that every project deserves the same amount of attention to detail, no matter how large or small the task at hand may be.

“We were delighted with the  the  repair work to our home,  and the clean and friendly service.” 

Mr & Mrs Davey.

Schatten unter Teamfotos.

 The slide show above shows the the different  stages of repair to a section of cob wall that had previously been unsympathetically ‘repaired’. 

 Though the cob wall was originally rendered using a lime mortar, at some point in the past the building had been altered and the cob wall was re-rendered using a cement mortar causing it to dry out and crumble, it was imperative that the cement mortar was removed before any further damage was done.  Once the cement render had been removed, the failed section of cob was carefully taken down and the area was  rebuilt using common bricks that were reclaimed from a partition wall taken down in another part of the building.  A thin coat of lime mortar is then ‘harled’ onto the wall, which when dry acts as a key for the following coats of haired lime mortar. The haired coats are then applied to the wall to fill out any hollows and to generally flatten out the wall in preparation for a float coat of un-haired lime mortar.  Finally two very thin coats of fine lime plaster are applied giving the wall a smooth finish.

“I was overjoyed with the service I received ” Hilary English.

Ashlar lines scored into external lime render.


Survey & Report.

Typically before any work can commence, an detailed plasterwork survey is carried out to assess the scope of any works required. An accurate survey is essential to evaluate the condition of all existing plasterwork, from this we can set out and agree a remedial programme of works.  A precise scope of works is also very helpful to the client, it is invaluable  when it comes to calculating an accurate budget for the project.

Repairs to Lime plaster walls and ceilings.

As a team of professional plasterers, we undertake all aspects of plastering from small repairs to complete renovations . We offer a lime plaster repair service following the appearance of damage caused by structural movement, water ingress, dry or wet rot, impact or  general dilapidation.

Plaster restoration encompassing external rendering, fine lime plaster work, lath and plaster walls and ceilings. We are also experienced in  the restoration and repair of existing decorative ceilings.


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